Want your customized, searchable web site fast?

Want your customized, searchable web site fast?

We can work with qualified brokerages who do not yet have a web site within a month of signoff, and work with your existing web site manager to fit your existing custom site within our system. Brokers, Agents, and Resellers: Get started today!

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We've created beautiful sites for a number of real estate and property management professionals. All of our sites are search engine friendly and mobile responsive while using the best content management system available today - Wordpress.

Red Hawk Property Management

Red Hawk Property Management located in Mesa, AZ offers professional property management for rentals, vacation rentals, and real estate. They focus on townhomes, single-family homes, apartment buildings, four-plexes and duplexes and help their clients with managing rentals for their investment properties. We helped them with adding MLS listings for their rental properties along with making their site mobile-friendly.

Cardas Mugridge Group

The Cardas Mugridge Group is a team of award winning realtors serving the busy Maple Ridge real estate market in British Columbia, Canada. We created their website in Wordpress using the myRealPage MLS listing service so that they can have their listings display on the home page along with a full list of available properties in the Greater Vancouver area. This includes a map search for the area as well.

Ascent Real Estate Management

Ascent Real Estate Management is a full service, independent real estate agency and property management service located in Burnaby BC. They are locally owned and offer property management, real estate sales and purchasing, strata management and rental management to their clients. Their site was designed and developed in Wordpress using the Genesis framework. We incorporated their rental listings along with their real estate listings into their easily manageable website.

Featured News

Apartment or Condo: Which is Better?

When you find yourself ready to find your first home for just yourself or you and your partner it is very likely that you will be looking for the simplest options of either a condo or an apartment. So which is the better option? To answer that question you need to understand the difference between the two.

Both condos and apartments come in various sizes, style, and layouts but the significant difference between the two is the style of ownership. To break it down into simple terms a condo is an individual unit that is owned but lies within a complex that has common areas shared and paid for by an association of all the condo owners. An apartment, on the other hand, is also usually part of a large complex or group of single family attached dwellings but is under the ownership of one person or company, with each unit being leased or rented to tenants.

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