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Selling Your House? Dog Boarding Kennels vs. In-Home Boarding

Whether we like it or not, there are some trips where the family pet cannot go with us. Since your dog is essentially a family member, it is important to find a good place for them to stay while you are gone. The two options you usually face are commercial kennels and in-home boarding. Commercial boarding kennels allow dogs to have their own kennel and run and are kept in close vicinity to other dogs. In-home boarding spots offer more relaxation and freedom. They consist of an individual’s house that is open to a couple of dogs at any given time. Each option has its pros and cons, so it is best to put some thought and research into this decision because you need to consider what will best suit your dog.

Safety First

In-home boarding can potentially be less safe because anybody can open an in-home boarding service. Not every one of them will be bad, but it is something to consider. You will want to know who exactly will be watching your dog and do they have experience or qualifications. Are they able to provide references and be willing to complete a background check? Look around the house to see what safety measures are in place regarding injury or theft and find out if they have insurance. The same factors apply to kennels also, but they typically have more protocols and checks in place. When looking into both options, you need to pick the safest place available.

Day to Day Care

You want your pet to get as much attention in the facility as they do at home and in-home boarding generally provides more personalized care. Most individuals that run home boarding facilities dote on the pets each and every day like they were their own. Kennels provide the necessities such as shelter, food and water but the attention can be lacking, and this is something you will need to consider.

Temperament Issues

In-home spots will usually watch three or four dogs at a time so you need to consider that your dog may not get along with the others. If your dog is amiable and gets along with everyone at the dog park, chances are in-home boarding will be okay. Nervous dogs or those that tend to be aggressive may be better in a kennel where he or she can be separated during their stay.


The simple fact is that in-home boarding is more expensive because it provides more of the creature comforts that your pet is used to. They get food served in the comfort of a home even if it is not their own home. If money is not an issue, then it is worth the extra dollars to keep your dog happy and put them in a great dog kennels in spring valley, nv.  You want them to have an enjoyable experience while you are away, but if money is tight, then kennel boarding may be better for your budget.

Illness and Special Needs

Kennels usually require that all dogs are vaccinated, but there is still a chance that your dog can still pick something up from another dog. The chances of getting an illness in an in-home environment are less likely, but again you can never know for sure what vaccinations others have given their dogs. If your dog is ill or has special needs, they will most likely get more detailed care at an in-home facility. Kennels, however, do have excellently trained staff who will be available for your dogs every need.